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Promise day 2018 Messages, SMS, Quotes for him / her, whatsapp, Facebook status

So here we are on Promise day 2018. It is on 11th Feb 2018 and just for the fact each year this will be same date as main date in Valentines Day week is valentine day itself. As you know valentines day is celebrated on 14th February.  This time Promise day 2018 has appeared on Sunday so you have very good chance to celebrate with your partner. As name suggest on this day every couple do many promises for their togetherness and show their trust, love, care towards their partner.  You can make promise to stay together forever and if you confuse how to express your promise then you are at right place here we are sharing some happy promise day 2018 messages, quotes and SMS.

Promise day 2018 Messages, SMS, Quotes

Promise day 2018 Messages, SMS, Quotes

Promise day 2018 messages him / her

In valentines day there all types of days to celebrate like fun, romantic, sexy and promise day is kind of serious day where you have to say or express right things in front of right people because believe it sound little silly because we can make promises on daily bases but on this day you have to be special for him or her. Below some promise day 2018 messages are shared that you can use it to head start your day with partner.


“I Wánt To Bé Thé Gréátést Of Mé,

For This Is Áll I Cán Do.

It Is My Wish Thát You Promisé Mé This,

You Bé Thé Gréátést Of You.

Happy Promise Day!!!”


“I will lové you moré ámd moré with évéry béát of my héárt.

Áftér yéárs of togéthérnéss this is my solémn vow for you,

my lové. Happy Promise Day.”


Promise day 2018 SMS for him / her

Promise day is fifth on list of valentines day 2018 week. Before promise day we celebrate teddy day. For teddy we have also shared some posts about teddy day 2018 feel free to check those out.  And after promise day 2018 we celebrate hug day which will go hopefully awesome if you get promise day 2018 successfully. We recommend you to send these amazing promise day 2018 SMS to your partner in the morning to make her / him special.  As it will be Sunday on this day you can make some great plans like outing. Movie, to go at favorite place but at the end all will matter on this day is what you are promising her / him.  Many time we get confuse because we don’t want to promise something weird or look like fool though it sometimes look cute. :p


I Cán Not Promisé To Solvé Áll Your Probléms,

I Cán Only Promisé

Thát I Will Névér Lét You Fácé Thém Áloné,

Háppy Promisé Dáy 2018 !!!


Spéáking Without Égos,

Loving Without Inténtions,

Cáring Without Éxpéctátions,

I Promisé You Thát You Will Bé Miné Álwáys.

Háppy Promisé Dáy 2018 …!!!


Promise Day 2018 Quotes for whatsapp, Facebook

Keep your social media profiles updated with these Promise day 2018 quotes. You can set these whatsapp statuses or can share on your insta, whatsapp story, Facebook status. We have done modification these quotes to look stylish so you just have to copy and paste your Promise Day 2018 Quotes for whatsapp. Hope you will what we have shared and feel free to share if you have got any Promise Day 2018 Quotes.


“I wánt to bé with U until thé sun fálls from thé sky. Háppy Promisé Dáy 2018”


Lové is á promisé spokén by thé héárt It not writtén… in Book..!!!


I will follow thé ráinbow to thé énd, _if you promisé to rémáin with mé !!!


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